terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥ CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥ MINA - Haley 
♥Necklace♥ .BF. Anne Drop Back Necklace Cosmopolitan 
♥Tattoo♥ Ruta - Black Tattoo [CAROL G] Crossroads 
♥Boots♥ phedora. Victoria  Boots 

 DRD - Winter Wendyland - Ornament(gacha)
.DRD LN couch(gacha)
8f8 - little lines - Lightcatcher Assembly
[ContraptioN] Musical Clock: The Story Teller(gacha)

segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2016

♥Go shopping♥

♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥Tableau Vivant \\ Baum 
♥Blush♥Insol: Candy frosty blush (Catwa + system avi) gift


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥+elua+ Lucie
♥Outfit♥ SC  Chemise - Outfit Fitmesh
♥Lollipop♥DL:: Minnie's Lollipop
♥Heels & Headband♥phedora. penny heels & headband  21 Colors HUD  

sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥ CATWA Alice
CATWA  HEAD Skye [Static Head] 
♥Hair♥:: C.K Ravena Hair  ::
/Wasabi Pills/ Jody Mesh Hair - Blonds
♥Pose♥~Reel Poses - Shake it! (Group Gift)

quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥no.match_ ~ NO_TOY ~ Cosmopolitan 
♥Earring♥-SECRETS- Gipsy Earring - Gold  Cosmopolitan 
♥Tattoo♥Delt - Tattoo [CAROL G] Kinky Event! 
♥Dress♥(ViSion} -S&F *Mesh Dress Stella Cosmopolitan 
♥Bag♥[Since1975] - Whale hand bag Très Chic event
♥Boots♥N-core GROUP GIFT "Calyssa" FatPack

quarta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥ Doe: Clara (Two-Tone)
♥Tattoo♥Tattoo Mandala White [CAROL G]
♥Earring♥-SECRETS- Gipsy Earring - Gold  Cosmopolitan 
♥Underbust♥[Glitzz] Daniella Underbust - Fatpack Lost&Found
♥Panties♥  [Glitzz] Meg Mesh Panties - Fatpack Cosmopolitan 
♥Heels♥ _CandyDoll_Joly Heels - 10 Light Colors  N21

terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥ CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥ eXxEsS : MERMELADA Mesh Hair - A
♥Tattoo♥Poem Butterflies - Black [CAROL G] group gift
♥Eyes♥ .ARISE. Freya Eyes for Lost&Found
♥/Choker/Bracelet/Rings/♥ .::Supernatural::. Karen @ on9
♥Headband♥ .BF. Angel Headband Shiny Shabby
♥Lingerie♥ r2 A/D/E kaei[gold]

segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥.:EMO-tions.. *MAUREEN* -BRUNETTE
♥Top♥B.C.C Bittersweet  - ULTRARARE
♥Panties♥ [Glitzz] Meg Mesh Panties - Fatpack Cosmopolitan 
♥Choker♥ .BF.  Esha Choke Black The Dressing Room
♥Bracelet♥Cae :: Fairy Tale :: Bracelet 
♥Socks♥_CD_Bunny Collection Fishnet Socks RARE 
♥Heels♥PHEDORA / Gretel heels / Multi-hud ( 30 Colors ) Whimsical

♥Doll♥15. Garbaggio // Leading A Legacy


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥TRUTH VIP - November
♥Necklace♥-SECRETS- Little Dots Necklace - Gold Cosmopolitan 
♥Backpack♥PHEDORA / Frog Backpack 8 C The Chapter four
♥Watch♥**RE** LUX Kitty Watch
♥Skateboards♥[Since1975]-Skateboards & AO (2) The Gacha Garden
[Since1975]-Skateboards (10 Hand)The Gacha Garden

domingo, 20 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥Exile:: Moments 5 Color Naturals pack 
♥=Zenith= (Gacha)♥=Zenith=Winter Lolita Whimsical
♥!gO! (Gacha) ♥!gO! ChristmasElf  Shiny Shabby

sábado, 19 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥.:EMO-tions.. *MAUREEN* -BRUNETTE
♥Headband♥=Zenith=Winter Kitty Headband (Brown) Whimsical
♥Top♥_CandyDoll_Audrina Top Black Whimsical
♥Skirt & Panties♥ Asteria"Ava"[Maitreya/Belleza/Slink] Panties&Skirt-Black Cosmopolitan 
♥Choker♥ .BF.  Esha Choke Black The Dressing Room
♥Necklace♥.Atomic. {Gacha} Sweet Deer - Twilight Necklace
♥Bracelet♥ [MANDALA]HARAMITA-season2-Bangle
♥Ring♥Kibitz - Ava rings - Gold
♥Heels♥[BREATHE]-Josie Heels-Black Whimsical

♥Snow Woman♥*SL* Snow Woman - Sweet Lies Original Box 10 RARE Whimsical
♥Curtain♥[C.] Pkg - "Grafica" Autumn Pinecone & Leaf Curtain Set - Ivory  SWANK ~ 
♥Rug♥[C.] Pkg - "Grafica" Autumn Pinecone & Leaf Rug Set - Ivory SWANK ~ 

sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥ MINA - Indica - Browns Whimsical
♥Choker♥ .BF.  Esha Choke White The Dressing Room
♥Dress♥  neve outfit - slipped lively
♥Boots♥ [RV] PHEDORA / Natalya Boots / 35.C Kustom9

quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥Beusy x Astralia: Aza Hair & Earmufss - RARE Kustom9
♥Gloves♥Beusy x Astralia: Eco-Fur Gloves (Pink) - COMMON Kustom9
♥Scarf♥Beusy x Astralia: Eco-Fur Neck Scarf (Pink) - COMMON Kustom9
♥Legwarm♥=Zenith=Vintage Lace Legwarm(all colors) 
♥Sweat♥ Addams - Melisa SweatShirt - FATPACK(Luxe box)
♥Pose♥~Reel Poses - Dreams (group gift)


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥/Wasabi Pills/ Willa Mesh Hair 
♥Necklace♥* {.:Little Stars.:} * Whimsical Cupcake Necklace (Gold)Enchantment
♥Top♥ neve  top - rope nuetral
♥Pants & Boots♥ Awear pants & laced high boots
♥Panda♥*[Black Bantam] Newborn Panda Binky Kustom9

♥Deco♥ GIGI (gacha)  The Gacha Garden


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥ MINA - Haley ULTRA event
♥Choker♥.BF. Mia Pearl ChokerCosmopolitan 
♥Necklace♥.BF. Hinata Set  Sad
♥Dress♥ {ViSion} -S&F * Club Dress Brylee - FAT PACK 
♥Boots♥#EMPIRE - Hellebore (Luxe box November)
♥Pose♥+ Mouni Poses + Afterglow The Old Fair

terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥no.match_ ~ NO_LYRICS ~ 
♥Choker1♥-SECRETS-  Diamonds Collection-Gold The Secret Affair
♥Necklace2♥.::Supernatural::. Annalise  - Gold Crossroads 
♥Choker3♥.BF. Mia Pearl ChokerCosmopolitan 
♥Tattoo♥Minimalist #01 - B - R - W [CAROL G] Fusion Event 101
Minimalist #02 - B - R - W [CAROL G] Fusion Event 101
Minimalist #03 - B - R - W [CAROL G] Fusion Event 101
♥Skirt♥ {ViSion} -S&F *Mini Skirt Lolitas - FAT PACK


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥""D!va"" Hair "Erika"
♥Dress♥BPd {W gowns} A stroll through yesteryear: Ada The Old Fair

♥Head♥ CATWAJackson
♥Outfit♥BPd {M attire} A stroll through yesteryear: Arther The Old Fair

♥Pose♥~Reel Poses -  Sad November
[CIRCA] Pkg - Fall Leaf Blown Cloud - Series 1 - Green MixThe Old Fair
[CIRCA] Pkg - Fall Leaf Ground Set - Series 1 - Autumn Mix (GG)The Old Fair

segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥TRUTH VIP - November 
♥Tattoo♥Mira - Black  Tattoo [CAROL G]Crossroads 
♥Harness♥.BF. Alexies Harness (Maitreya)Enchantment
♥Skirt♥[Cynful] Leather Mini Skirt - Black
♥Boots♥*PROMAGIC* MitraTrès Chic event
♥Rings♥**RE** Ice Queen Rings 
♥Bracelets♥**RE** Dark Queen Bracelets


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥*ARGRACE* KOHAKU - Dark Browns
♥Choker♥CLOCKHAUS - Slave collar // FaT PaCk //Cosmopolitan 
♥Top♥//Ascend// Gitana Fringed Top - Brown  MBA
♥Panties&Skirt♥Asteria"Ava"[Maitreya/Belleza/Slink] Panties&Skirt-Tan/CreamCosmopolitan 
♥Bench♥[CIRCA] - "Palace Garden" Classic Bench PG - Teak (56 pos)The Old Fair
♥Leaf♥[CIRCA] Pkg - Fall Leaf Ground Set - Series 1 - GinkoThe Old Fair
[CIRCA] Pkg - Fall Leaf Blown Cloud - Series 1 - GinkoThe Old Fair
♥Pet♥ JIAN PeeWee Puffs :: *SOI* Leaf Pile Pup The Gacha Garden
♥Heels♥ [BREATHE]-Diana Heels-Brown The Chapter four

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥ CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥ .:EMO-tions.. *MAUREEN*HairOLogy
♥Hat/Glasses♥ [Since1975] -JJ - Knitted Hat/EyeGlasses & HUD The Chapter four
♥Outift♥ SC Roxy Outfit Black Red
♥Clutch♥ [hh] Kitty Clutch WHITE Cosmopolitan 


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥""D!va"" Hair "Nina"
♥Necklace♥-SECRETS- Little Dots Necklace - Gold Cosmopolitan 
♥Outfit♥=Zenith=Charm banshee  (gacha)  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival


♥Head♥ CATWA HEAD Kori [Static Head] 
♥Hair♥ [DUE] Hikaru V1 - Ombre 3
pr!tty - Kyla - [Essentials]:boxed::HairOLogy Anniversary Gift:
♥Dress♥[Glitzz] Lara Mesh Dress - Fatpack Cosmopolitan 


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥[RA] Dorothy Hair - Browns
♥Eyes♥.ARISE. Dia Eyes for anyBody 
♥Flies♥[Since1975] - Flies Set (Scripted&Animated) Sad
♥Necklace♥* {.:Little Stars.:} * Whimsical Cupcake Necklace (Gold)Enchantment
* {.:Little Stars.:} * Gingerbread Girl Necklace (Gold)Enchantment
♥Outfit♥neve outfit - rider plaid MBA

sábado, 12 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥no.match_ ~ NO_UNDERSTANDING HairOLogy
♥Glasses♥ HAYSURIZA_Glasses_Ellipse
♥Gym Ring♥Kei's Aussie Boxing Gym Ring RARE 6º Republic Event Nov 6th


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥MINA - Gizem - Browns HairOLogy
♥Dress♥[Glitzz] Flora Mesh Dress - Fatpack The Liaison Collaborative
♥Headband♥{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz - Ruboo+Headband - Mint
♥Arm♥{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz - Ruboo+Arm [Hourglass] Mint


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Marks♥ ::BLOOM:: Kitty Cat Marks Applier Logo&Catwa
♥Headband♥*GF* Ribbon(Single) Headband -xmas blue-
♥Bodysuit♥[Glitzz] Lollipop Flavor - Fatpack Exclusive for Enchantment

sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥.:EMO-tions.. *MAUREEN*HairOLogy
♥Necklace♥-SECRETS- Little Dots Necklace - Gold Cosmopolitan 
♥Bracelet♥-SECRETS- Union Rings - Ribbon Bracelet *SOI* The Gacha Garden
SECRETS- Union Rings - Fox bracelet *SOI* The Gacha Garden
♥Top♥{ViSion} -S&F *Diana Top - FAT PACKMBA
♥Shorts♥{ViSion} -S&F *Diana Waist Shorts - FAT PACKMBA
♥Clutch♥-David Heather-Pearl Clutch (gacha)
♥Glasses♥ HAYSURIZA_Glasses_Ellipse

quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥[RA] Vanessa Hair 
♥Necklace♥-SECRETS- Little Dots Necklace - Gold Cosmopolitan 
♥Bracelet♥ MINIMAL - Bracelet  *1* -Gold- RARE
♥Glasses♥ HAYSURIZA_Glasses_Ellipse
♥Top♥ KITJA - Julia Top WHITE Collabor88
♥Leg♥ KITJA - Julia Leggings WHITE Collabor88
♥Bike♥ MINIMAL - Bicycle *RARE* Gold *1* DECO/ADD @ 6º Republic Event Nov 6th

quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥Tableau Vivant \\ Glenn Collabor88
♥Tattoo♥Hippopotamus Tattoo [CAROL G] Bloggers MBA
♥Body♥[Glitzz] Suellen Fishnet Body - Fatpack anyBody 
♥Leg♥*PROMAGIC*  Dor The Liaison Collaborative
♥Arm♥*PROMAGIC* Amar The Chapter four
♥Headdress♥Kibitz - Alicia headdress - gold
♥Belly chain♥Zaara : Raksha Belly chain 
♥Katana♥Caboodle - Yandere's Katana - RARE

♥Princess cute♥

♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥eXxEsS : MERMELADA Mesh Hair
♥Tiara♥*AvaWay* CAT Ears_#2 The Gacha Garden
♥Necklace & Bodysuit♥ *PROMAGIC* Riya The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
♥Garters♥.::Supernatural::. Tracy  Black anyBody 
♥Tattoo♥ Mira - Black  Tattoo [CAROL G] Crossroads 
♥Rings♥**RE** Ice Queen Rings 
♥Heels♥N-core TIFFANY "Black"
♥Pose♥+H-D+/Le PC - Kitty Galore {Set 1}


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥""D!va"" Hair "Nina"
♥Necklace♥-SECRETS- Little Dots Necklace - Gold Cosmopolitan 
♥Dress♥_CandyDoll_Nadia Dress Cream Collabor88
♥Stole♥_CandyDoll_Tabitha Fur Stole Brown Collabor88
♥Umbrella♥10 -INIA- Cute Umbrella -Gacha- RARE You.Gatcha Event

segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016

♥Cute pet♥

♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥[RA] Marina Hair we love roleplay
♥Tiara♥-SECRETS- Baby Kitty Tiara Suicide Dollz
♥Choker♥-SECRETS- Diamonds Collection-Gold 
♥Top♥:::insanya::: RaverTop - Lust
♥BeltSkirt♥:::insanya::: BeltSkirt - Lust Sad
♥Zebra♥[Black Bantam] My Little ZebraThe Chapter four
♥Ring♥Kibitz - Ava rings - Gold

domingo, 6 de novembro de 2016


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥pr!tty - Juno - {Basics} -RootlessThe Chapter four
♥Clutch ♥*PROMAGIC* Batwa Sad
♥Dress♥neve outfit - pull-over 
♥Heels♥[BREATHE]-Diana HeelsThe Chapter four


♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥pr!tty - Juno - {Basics} -RootlessThe Chapter four
♥Dress♥Caboodle - Cloudy Dress - Blue - RAREThe Gacha Garden
♥Socks♥Caboodle - Ruffled Socks - BlueThe Gacha Garden
♥Slippers♥Caboodle - Cloudy Slippers - BlueThe Gacha Garden
♥Bow♥Caboodle - Hairbow - BlueThe Gacha Garden
♥Pillow♥Caboodle - Cloud Pillows - LightThe Gacha Garden
♥Pose♥~Reel Poses - Sweet SwingingThe Old Fair

sábado, 5 de novembro de 2016

♥Princess snow ♥

♥Head♥ CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥ TRUTH VIP - November
♥Lipstick♥ !IT! - Latex Love Lipstick 1-6 Old Fair exclThe Old Fair
♥Harness♥.::Supernatural::. Davina Harness Black - Gold @TheCoven
♥Rings & Arm♥*PROMAGIC* Amar The Chapter four

♥Princess cat♥

♥Head♥CATWA Alice
♥Hair♥TRUTH HAIR Arwen
♥Mask♥*AvaWay* Carnival Mask #12_CAT RARE The Gacha Garden
♥Lipstick♥ !IT! - Latex Love Lipstick 1-6 Old Fair exclThe Old Fair
♥Necklace & Earring♥ *PROMAGIC* Mani  Crossroads 
♥Set♥.BF. Erin Set Gold (Maitreya Beta)
♥Pose♥Frozen - With Roses